What Bike To Use On First Triathlon

Second of the series - Starting with triathlon

Second of the series – Starting with triathlon



Yes, your bike is fine. Any bike you’re currently riding will work just fine. It can be a road bike, mountain bike or hybrid. Many people have completed their first triathlon on a borrowed bicycle. Be sure the bike is correctly fit to you and is in good working order.

The most common bicycles found in a typical race transition area include triathlon, road, mountain and hybrid. As the race becomes more competitive, such as USA Triathlon National Championships or Ironman, the majority of bicycles in the transition area are triathlon bikes and perhaps a few road bikes.

A bicycle designed for the road, often called a road bike, has skinny tires and frame geometry intended for road riding. The frame geometry measurement people talk about most often is the seat tube angle, or the angle that the tube supporting your saddle makes in relation to the ground. A road bike seat tube angle typically ranges from about 73 to 75 degrees.

Mountain and hybrid bikes usually have tires that are wider and have a more aggressive tread pattern and than those found on a road bike. The seat tube angles often range from just over 71 to as steep as 75 degrees. The lower seat tube angles found on these bikes is considered a “more relaxed” frame geometry. The frame geometry for mountain bikes is designed for heavy off-road riding, single track, and going over rocks and other trail obstacles.

Hybrid bikes are designed for road and light off-road riding, such as dirt roads with few technical obstacles.

Triathlon- or time trial-specific frames have skinny tires like a road bike and are intended for road use. The most visible differences between a triathlon bike and a road bike include aerobars instead of regular handle bars and many models have specially shaped frame tubing and special wheels. These design features are intended to minimize drag and increase speed (more on this later.) Triathlon bikes have steeper seat tube angles that are typically 75 to 80 degrees.

Determine your budget before shopping for a new ride. For all types of bicycles, you can find a wide range of prices. As price increases, the increase is related to one or more of the following factors: lightweight frame material, special aerodynamic frame design, aerodynamic wheels, lightweight components, high quality components that resist wear with higher volumes of training, or new technical advances in design.

But for all beginner triathletes that comes to Bodyfeed Endurance Training we do recommend that you deal with what you got for a few months and even on your first races to make sure that you will keep your life as a triathlete moving on and that you  want to spend money with equipment. Bicycles are the must expensive item of a triathletes wish list so, make sure of your choice before buy it.


Triathlon Training

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Personalized Training Plans delivered weekly

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We are an ONLINE COACHING offering IRONMAN Distance Training, Triathlon Coaching, Running Coaching, Duathlon Coaching, Cycling Coaching, Strength Training. Personalized Training Plans for Athletes of all ages and abilities. Nutrition, Hydration and Gear for all three disciplines.


The first step is to fill out your registration here on the website and set up your payment method. We use the TrainingPeaks® app for training plan prescription and workout calendar. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

By downloading the app you will have access to your training plan from wherever you are, on your mobile phone or desktop.

Once you have your registration completed one of our coaches will make the first personal contact to seek additional information, specific goals and daily routine.


The prescription of the workouts will be weekly, taking into account the feedback of the exercises performed in the current week;

All workouts are set via Trainingpeaks® that can be integrated with your Garmin Connect® and other methods of fitness tracking. Athletes are categorized according to the technical level and proving target. We use few different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, those leves are set according to the aptitudes and previous experience of each student.

Each athlete will have their training prescribed and adapted according to their classification and their next goals, respecting their individuality, conditioning and daily routine.




Triathlon Training ( SPRINT – OLYMPIC – IRONMAN 70.3 – IRONMAN )

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  • Group trainings available ( not available in all areas )
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  • Analysis of Key Workouts and Monthly Analysis
  • Triathlon Training Plans based on Heart Rate, Threshold, Running and Cycling Power, Cadence and RPE
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  • Annual training plan preparation by TSS  ( ATP )
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  • Prior Event Sweat Test
  • Lactate and Fitness Tests ( FTP / LT / T-Pace / Speed / Pace / TT )



Unlimited email, phone call, txt, Facebook messenger, Facebook Private Forum, Skype or WhatsApp (at times agreed between the coach and student) and through the App Trainingpeaks®