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Video analysis of your technique gives you instant feedback on the areas of improvement which will create the biggest impact on your form and your performance.

While many excellent books & websites exist that discuss efficient swimming, efficient running technique or better cyclist until you see yourself on video you won’t understand what your biggest opportunities are for improvement.

If you are unsure whether you suffer from these basic (and common)  swim, cycling and running  problems, a private one-on-one lesson with a coach using video feedback will give you the biggest bang for your training buck to improve your efficiency and enjoyment while training.

Whether you consider yourself a struggling beginner, a recovering collegiate swimmer, a age-grouper with shoulder, neck or back pain when swimming, our Certified Coaches can identify and communicate to you in easy to understand tips and drills to help you become more confident, improve your speed, reduce neck pain, reduce shoulder pain and reduce back pain in swimming.

Common Swimming Problems

•Lack of Basic horizontal Balance (front to back balance)

•An elusive “dropped elbow”

•Trouble seeing your bow wave

•Kicking from the Knee

•Recovery stroke de-stabilizing your breath

Variables with cycling involve differences in bike geometry, shapes and designs. However, just as variable is the size, height, strength and flexibility of different riders.  Making sure a person has the appropriate posture, strength and flexibility is essential in making the ride efficient, comfortable, and more importantly—fun!  Our Coaches will evaluate your video and point all issues and angles that need to be adjusted.

Common Injuries Associated with Cycling

•Achilles Tendonitis

•Various forms of knee pain

•Ilio-tibial Band Syndrome

•Back pain

•Neck pain

•Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•Ulnar Neuritis

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Learning proper running form will maximize your efficiency so that you can run faster and, more importantly, with less chance of injury. Every running form analysis is completed by a Certified Coach

Common Running Issues

•Heel striking

•Landing in front of the center of mass

•Bending forward at the Waist

•“Sitting in a Bucket”

•Open Elbows

•Running Too Tall

Equipment and Video Required and Recommended

To get the most out of your remote swim video review, you’ll need a camera, preferably with wide angle such as a go pro, that can film off and above water as well underwater.

These are the biggest impact views from most important to least.  I’ll use up to four views for each swim video analysis session.

  • Swimmer Slides

1 Side view – Underwater, 1 full length (25y or 25m)

2 Front view – Above Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall

3 Side view – Above Water,  1 full length (25y or 25m)

4 Overhead view  – 5-6 full stroke cycles midlength

5 Front view – Below Water, 1/2 length all the way into the wall

6 Open water footage, any views with the swimmer filling much of the frame.

  • Cyclist Slides

1 Left side view – 1 minute duration

2 Right side view – 1 minute duration

3 Front view – 1 minute duration

4 Back view – 1 minute duration

  • Runner Slides

1 Side view – 1 minute duration

2 Front view – 1 minute duration

3 Back view – 1 minute duration

4 Full 400m Track view 

Your videos can be emailed to us at or loaded to your TrainingPeaks account ( our coaches will need permission to access your TrainingPeaks account ). Our coaches will do all evaluation and send all information back to you with 72hrs from date of the purchase.

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Swimming, Cycling, Running

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