Strengthening your core: Right and wrong ways to do lunges, squats, and planks0


What do slouching, back pain, and a middling forehand or weak shot off the tee have in common? Often it’s a weak core—the girdle of muscles, bones, and joints that links your upper and lower body. Your core gives you stability and helps power the moves you make every day. Whether it’s bending to pick up a laundry basket, swinging a golf club, paddling a kayak, or reaching to pull a vase from the top shelf of a cabinet, a strong and flexible core makes the move more fluid, efficient, and robust. Strong, well-balanced core muscles can also improve your posture and help prevent back injuries. And if back pain does strike, core exercises are usually part of the rehab regimen.

Core Muscles

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Your core is composed of many different muscles in the abdomen, back, s...

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30 Days Squats And Planks Challenge0



Bodyfeed Endurance Training have prepared a 30 days squats and plank challenge for you. Enjoy your challenge

Bodyfeed 30 day plank and squat challenge

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Benefits Of The Plank Exercises0


You are probably wondering what the craze is all about regarding this great exercise. Well in this post, we from Bodyfeed Endurance Training are going to outline all the benefits the exercise provides breaking this down by major muscle groups to show you just how powerful one exercise can provide you with multiple gains which no other exercise can do without using some type of equipment.

Right here goes, here are the plank exercise benefits explained by Bodyfeed Endurance Training.

It is a strength training exercise so one of the key benefits is obviously to improve your strength in various areas. Lets take a closer look at the actual exercise. If you look closely at the front plank, you will notice the muscle groups being challenged.


If we start at the front, the first muscle b...

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How to buy a running shoes0


If you’re just starting to walk or run, a good pair of shoes is important.

When you first start working out, it’s tempting to dust off the vaguely-athletic-looking shoes in your closet, but it’s not a good idea. Worn-out or ill-fitting shoes are a leading cause of injury. And wear and tear are not always apparent to the naked eye. If you want to stay healthy, fit, and injury-free, invest in a good pair of running shoes.

Follow these tips from Bodyfeed Endurance Training to make sure you get the pair that you need.

Don’t skimp. It may feel like a lot to spend up to $120 on a pair of running shoes, but the investment is worth it. Consider this: Whatever your new shoes cost, it is likely less than the money and time you’d spend seeing the doctor because you got hurt.

See the experts. It...

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Inspirational Finish Lines0

1407katiediehl 740

Watch out! One inspiring day can turn into a decade of racing, as it did for Legacy athlete Katie Diehl.

or 40-year-old Legacy athlete Katie Diehl, triathlon was just what the doctor ordered. “It saved my life,” she says of the sport. “I was miserably depressed with no work-life balance, eating poorly, and unhealthy,” she says on her life before multisport.

Diehl, a veterinary ophthalmologist, frequently puts in 18-hour days and has a packed travel schedule. While the job is demanding enough on its own, Diehl’s own work ethic adds more pressure to perform. “I only know 100-percent,” she says. “It’s always all or nothing with me.” For example, when it comes to her diet, she says she’s either going vegan, or eating a whole tube of cookie dough for dinner...

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Snacks to Pack for Long Rides0

long ride snack

Whether you’re an elite cyclist or simply out for a scenic, long ride, a snack is a necessity to keep your body moving.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “when you are in constant motion, a lot of energy is used. Eating foods that are easy to digest and rich in carbohydrates can help you maintain energy levels.” The immediate burst of energy consumed can help any rider make it through rides lasting more than a couple hours.

“Our body stores enough carbohydrate for about 90 minutes of vigorous movement,” said Registered Dietician Emily Edison, owner of Momentum Nutrition and Fitness in Seattle, Washington. “The body will need fuel to continue performing at a high level. Approximately 60 to 90 grams of carbohydrate are recommended per hour of exercise...

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Should You Run Focused Training Block?0


If running is holding you back, amp up your mileage the right way with these tips from Bodyfeed Endurance Training

Many athletes come to triathlon from swim, cycling, or running backgrounds. This lends itself to training like a swimmer, a cyclist, or a runner versus like a triathlete. Athletes who don’t come from a single-sport background often try to immerse themselves into the world of one discipline in hopes of improving their overall triathlon performance. These single-sport focus blocks have their place, as long as one critical element is maintained: the balance between cycling and running stress.

Chasing down the run

Many athletes turn to a running focused training block to help improve their run weakness...

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How long should it take me to recover from my race ?0


How long should it take me to recover from my race? It’s a great question.

The first question I ask is: What sport did you race? People typically recover faster from a three-hour cycling road race than they do from a three-hour running event.

Triathlon recovery from a three-hour event falls between cycling and running. While some people prefer to use miles logged in the race as the measuring stick for recovery, I use race time.

Race time is just one factor to consider when determining recovery time. The time it takes to fully recover from a race depends on many factors, some of which are outlined later in this article.

When we refer to full recovery, we insinuate that you are recovered from the race completely—so that you can do a race-quality training session or another race with no resid...

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Drills That Will Improve Your Pedal Stroke0


When you learn to ride a bike, pedaling is a distant second in importance to balance. As a child, you pedal simply to move forward. Once you conquer that without falling over, how you pedal—your upstroke and downstroke—gets lost in the details.

As an adult rider, especially if you’re looking to improve your performance beyond commuting to the office—the minutiae of the pedal stroke and the idea of an efficient pedaling cadence becomes more important if you want to become a faster cyclist. Instead of just pushing down, you’ll need to teach yourself to pedal evenly in smooth circles.

While this might sound easy enough, it can be a lot harder than you think...

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Get in shape with the Gracie Diet0


When it comes down to healthy eating, it seems there’s more food for thought than the average brain can digest. The list of fad diets is endless—Atkins, the Seven Day Color Diet, the Hollywood Diet and even the Cookie Diet amongst a never-ending conveyor belt of nutritional nonsense.

However, what most fad diets have in common is their lack of stamina. After the initial hype is over, most fizzle out only to be replaced by the next big thing. Only the most practical diets endure the test of time; think Darwinism, survival of the fittest and all that. One such survivor is the Gracie Diet.

The Beginning of BJJ

In the world of 21st century martial arts, few names are more revered than Gracie...

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