Low Carb Diet vs. Low Fat Diet: Which is Better for You?1

which diet is better for you

A low carb diet such as Atkins will allow you to lose weight, but when you are considering your options, a low fat diet may also come in question. Many people that want to get rid of excess weight may have a difficult time choosing between a low fat diet and a low carb diet.

Low Carb Diet

There are a number of low carb diets that can be used for weight loss, but the Atkins and the South Beach are the most famous. These diets are based on basic nutrients such as proteins and fats, and will include no or very little amounts of carbs. A low carb diet will give you dramatic results, as you are very likely to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time (as little as two months) without doing any exercise...

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Weight Vests In Endurance Sports0

Weight Vest on endurance training

Endurance athletes are always looking for ways to improve performance. Adding more weight to your body would seem to make your body work harder during exercise so that your muscles and respiratory system becomes more efficient, thus improving your endurance. Gaining weight for the purposes of training is not practical, but adding weight in the form of a weighted vest might be.

About Endurance Sports

Endurance sports involve performing prolonged aerobic activity over an extended period. Examples of endurance sports include cross-country skiing, road cycling, marathon running and long-distance triathlons. When you train for endurance sports, you seek to adapt your muscles to working for long periods of repetitive activity...

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The importantance of Warm Up and Cool Down0

Warm Up and Cool Down

How do you minimize soreness and improve your fitness level ? Warm-up exercises! By adding warm-up stretches and exercises before beginning activity, you’ll not only decrease muscle soreness, you’ll also increase flexibility and range of motion around a joint.

Bodyfeed Endurance Training says “Progression is certainly the key for stretches and exercises in combination with the intensity level involved in your selected activities”. Lower intensity stretches and exercises should gradually progress toward more demanding activity followed by a cool-down recovery period.

Let’s take a closer look at the components of warm-up and cool-down with a small list that Bodyfeed Endurance Training made just for you:

Warm-up: Many studies support inclusion of gentle warm-up exercises prior to stretching...

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How vegetables can help athletes0

Training and Vegetables

The importance of vegetables for triathletes and swimmers

Athlete Diet

Vegetables are also hydrating. Being mostly water, vegetables will keep you hydrated without having you to chug water. The minerals found in vegetables will help prevent hyponatremia, or drinking too much water.

If your training volume is high or your life is simply hectic, it can be hard to include lots of vegetables into your diet. Swimmers in particular seem to let vegetable intake go by the wayside favoring more a heavier refined carb and protein heavy diets. However, vegetables are very important for swimmers and athletes in general.

I single out their importance for swimmers because swimmers are exposed to a lot more toxins and germs than the typical person...

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The best way to build endurance0

Online Endurance Training

From cycling, to running, to soccer, to swimming, aerobic exercise requires endurance so athletes can keep on boosting without losing steam. But it may not be as easy as running longer, swimming farther, or long cycling ridesHere, Bodyfeed Endurance Training  lays out some traditional ways to boost stamina along with sneakier ways to keep going stronger, longer.

The term Endurance Training generally refers to training the aerobic system as opposed to anaerobic. The need for endurance in sports is often predicated as the need of cardiovascular and simple muscular endurance, but the issue of endurance is far more complex. Endurance can be divided into two categories including: general endurance and specific endurance...

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Snacks On The Go0


On-the-go snacks are perfect for busy training days.

With the triathlon season in full swing, age-group triathletes are busier than ever, managing work, training, racing, recovery, family vacations, and other commitments. It’s often hard to find the time to fit in sleep, let alone healthy eating. But now more than ever is the time to nail your nutrition day-in and day-out to optimize recovery and keep you energized for all that life throws your way.

Many triathletes struggle to find ideas for low maintenance meals that still meet their protein requirements. Taste and portability are other bonuses that can be easy to sacrifice in the name of quick refueling...

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The Importance of Being Healthy0


Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are challenges for almost everyone. It’s tough to find the time and motivation to devote to a healthy diet and workout routine, and to balance those factors with other activities. However, the mental and physical benefits of following a healthy lifestyle are significant, and the bottom line is that consistently healthy choices lead to a longer life.

Healthy Diet

Importance of Being Healthy
Diet is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of diet can’t be overstated for a healthy lifestyle. People get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to function and thrive from the foods they eat, so choosing foods that offer the most of those components helps improve quality of life...

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Strengthening your core: Right and wrong ways to do lunges, squats, and planks0


What do slouching, back pain, and a middling forehand or weak shot off the tee have in common? Often it’s a weak core—the girdle of muscles, bones, and joints that links your upper and lower body. Your core gives you stability and helps power the moves you make every day. Whether it’s bending to pick up a laundry basket, swinging a golf club, paddling a kayak, or reaching to pull a vase from the top shelf of a cabinet, a strong and flexible core makes the move more fluid, efficient, and robust. Strong, well-balanced core muscles can also improve your posture and help prevent back injuries. And if back pain does strike, core exercises are usually part of the rehab regimen.

Core Muscles

Click image to enlarge.

Your core is composed of many different muscles in the abdomen, back, s...

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30 Days Squats And Planks Challenge0

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Bodyfeed Endurance Training have prepared a 30 days squats and plank challenge for you. Enjoy your challenge

Bodyfeed 30 day plank and squat challenge

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Benefits Of The Plank Exercises0


You are probably wondering what the craze is all about regarding this great exercise. Well in this post, we from Bodyfeed Endurance Training are going to outline all the benefits the exercise provides breaking this down by major muscle groups to show you just how powerful one exercise can provide you with multiple gains which no other exercise can do without using some type of equipment.

Right here goes, here are the plank exercise benefits explained by Bodyfeed Endurance Training.

It is a strength training exercise so one of the key benefits is obviously to improve your strength in various areas. Lets take a closer look at the actual exercise. If you look closely at the front plank, you will notice the muscle groups being challenged.


If we start at the front, the first muscle b...

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